How to Write and Prepare Your Paper for Publication?

Regardless your research topic or field; research papers should be prepared according to the following structure:

  1. Abstract: the abstract in any scientific research publication should list the main results and conclusions, using simple statements. The abstract should cover: The purpose of the project, the research problem, the methods used to address this research problem, The conclusions, the significance of the research, and why are the results useful?.
  2. Key-words. A list not exceeding four to ten words to reflect the precise content of the paper.
  3. Introduction: consider taking about relevant primary research literature, summarizing your current understanding of the research problem, state the purpose of your work, and finally briefly explain your approach in solving the research problem.
  4. Materials and methods:  explain clearly how you carried out your study, talk about the experimental OR sampling design, and mention the details about how the data were analyzed.
  5. Results: State the results using tables and figures.
  6. Point out the significance of the results in relation to the reasons for doing the work, and place them in the context of other related work for other researchers.
  7. Conclusion: The conclusion should focus on what was achieved and what still needs to be improved.
  8. References list:  add all the references which was used within your paper as a list at the end of your paper.