• Mohammad Nassar for Researches

    Who we are?

    Mohammad Nassar for Researches Establishment is registered company in Jordan under the number 330811, the company national number is 100439452.

  • International Scientific Research and Researchers Association (ISRRA)

    About ISRRA

    The International Scientific Research and Researchers Association (ISRRA) work hard to promote the excellence in quality Scientific Research,  Scientific Research Publication, and leadership in joint research projects in a framework through which the ISRRA association occupies its rightful place among research bodies within the competitive challenge at the international level.

    ISRRA plays its roles to support scientific research, increase the human knowledge, identify priorities in scientific research at international level, initiate effective collaboration between researchers, focus on the applications of advanced technology in various fields, contribute in scientific research through the adoption of seminars, research projects or joint efforts with others and between researchers at the international level.

    ISRRA association also host and Publish high quality refereed open access international journals to support the researchers in their journey toward publishing their research papers. ISRAA journals accept scientific papers after sending them to quality peer academic reviewers for subjecting the author’s scholarly work.

    Peer review is an essential component of the academic writing process thus ISRRA association strive to ensure that papers published in its scientific journals answer meaningful research questions and draw accurate conclusions based on professionally executed experimentation.

    As known to the researchers community; the peer review process has also been widely criticised due to the slowness of the process to publish new findings and due to perceived bias by the editors and/or reviewers. ISRRA association created unique review model based on pay per blind review regardless if the paper is accepted or reject by the reviewer; this solved two main problems: Speed and fairness. The mean average time for our review and publication process is 28 days (paper can be published online within 28 days if accepted).

    After peer review results; our editors will decide:

    • Accept the paper/papers for publication in ISRRA related Journal without any basic modifications.
    • Accept the paper/papers for publication in ISRRA related Journal with modifications to be applied.
    • Reject the research paper/ research papers.

    ISRRA related Journals will be available for scientific readers for free; no fees are required to download and read any published paper/papers in those international journals.

    ISRRA Journals cover all main branches of science (scientific disciplines) such as (but not limited to):

    1- Natural Sciences such as: Physics, Chemistry, Earth Science, Ecology, Oceanography, Geology, Meteorology, Life Science, Biology (Microbiology, Anatomy, Neurology and Neuroscience, Immunology, Genetics, Physiology, Pathology, Biophysics, Biolinguistics, and Ophthalmology.), Zoology (Anthrozoology, Arachnology, Archaeozoology, Cetology, Embryology, Entomology, Helminthology, Herpetology, Histology, Ichthyology, Malacology, Mammalogy, Morphology, Nematology, Ornithology, Palaeozoology, Pathology, Primatology, Protozoology, Taxonomy, and Zoogeography.), Human Biology, Botany, Space Science Or Astronomy (Space Travel and Space Exploration (Including Space Medicine), Space Archaeology and Science Performed In Outer Space), Science of Living Things.

    2- Social Sciences such as: Anthropology, Archaeology, Business Administration, Communication, Criminology, Economics, Education, Government, Linguistics, International Relations, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Geography, History, and Law).

    3- Formal Sciences such as: Decision Theory (Decision Theory In Economics, Psychology, Philosophy, Mathematics, and Statistics), Logic (The Disciplines of Philosophy, Mathematics, Semantics, Computer Science, Epistemology, Ethics, Argumentation Theory In Mathematics, Statistics, Systems Theory, and Theoretical Computer Science.

    4- Applied Science such as: Applied Mathematics, Applied Physics, Medicine (Aerospace Medicine, Addiction Medicine, Medical Ethics, Biomedical Engineering, Clinical Pharmacology, Conservation Medicine Disaster Medicine, Diving Medicine, Evolutionary Medicine, Forensic Medicine, Gender-Based Medicine, Hospice and Palliative Medicine, Hospital Medicine, Laser Medicine, Medical Humanities, Health Informatics, Nosology, Nosokinetics, Occupational Medicine, Pain Management, Pharmacogenomics, Podiatric Medicine,Sports Medicine, Therapeutics, Travel Medicine, Tropical Medicine, Urgent Care, Wilderness Medicine), Computer Science, and All Fields of Engineering (Such As: Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Interdisciplinary Engineering.)