Tips for getting published

Tips for getting published:

 - You have to find time and secure funding to do your research.

- You need to prepare the ground for your topic by reading a lot of related researches, and attending conferences.

- Send your paper to the correct journal. When you send your paper to wrong journal it will be rejected. Try to answer the following question before submitting your paper “Does your research fit the journal’s aims and scope?”

- Ask a colleague to check your work.

- Always follow the correct submissions procedures.

- Read the manuscript submission guidelines. Most journals have manuscript submission guidelines for authors. Make every possible effort to improve the quality of the manuscript before submission.

- Be careful when you write your abstract; the editor and the reviewers will read your abstract first, if they did not find it interesting, and contains original contribution they will reject your paper. Your abstract should be clear. Say something new within your abstract.

- If you get negative recommendations about your paper, you can respond to the comments, and explain your point of view (if you see that those comments are not fair or the reviewers did conclude something not fair regarding your contributions). But be careful! You have to be scientific and polite

- If your paper is rejected, do not give up!  Make use of the reviewers comments, find a good mentor, you may consider joint-authorship, and submit your paper to other journal.