Full Journal Management and Publishing System (FJMPS)

Full Journal Management and Publishing System (FJMPS)

What is FJMPS:

FJMPS is an online journal management and publishing system that assists with every stage of the refereed publishing process.

What Economic Models Dose FJMPS Supports?

FJMPS supports all economic models for the Journal ( Advertising, Sponsorship, Volunteers, Subscriptions, and Page Charges).

Can I create more than one journal using FJMPS?

Yes; you can create any number of journals and manage all of them from FJMPS.

How many languages are supported by FJMPS?

18 languages are supported.

What documentations are available for FJMPS?

User manuals and installation manuals.

What Are the Main Features of FJMPS That Makes it Unique?

1-     It supports 18 languages including English and Arabic.

2-     Can create any number of online scientific journals.

3-     It supports search engine optimization.

4-     Flexible and Customizable

5-     It supports all economic models ( Advertising, Sponsorship, Volunteers, Subscriptions, and Page Charges).

6-     Sections for each journal (ex: articles section, reports section, etc).

7-     Thesis abstracts publishing.

8-     Supports ISSN, indexing services such as LOCKSS (an open source solution to archiving online journals), Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting, SWORD-compliant digital repositories , Google Scholar, Citation Markup Assistant tool, Reading Tools for content, statistics reports, internal and external authentication Sources, Email templates and notifications, Payment modules, book review solicitation and workflow plugin, large number of plugins (System plugins allow OJSW to expand its functionality), and digital object identifiers (DOI) to each journal.

How to get the software?

More information about the software is available by contacting us at: info@isrra.org