List of Reputable Journals to Publish Your Paper

This Page Contain Two Main Parts:

1- Part One: List of high quality journals for authors to publish their papers.

This Part have high quality journals (each journal has ISSN, and widely Indexed); you can submit your paper directly to the journals by clicking the "submit your paper" statement next to each journal. The review process for those journals needs  4 Weeks; the online publication fees  105 USD (no extra fees are required from the authors).


Journal's Website

Scope (Topics Covered)

Journal's Call For Papers 

Online Submission System

1) International Journal of Sciences: Basic and Applied Research (IJSBAR) Multidisplinary Journal (All Topics Included)  Call For Papers - January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November and  January: 2023


International Journal of Formal Sciences: Current and Future Research Trends

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International Journal of Social Sciences: Current and Future Research Trends

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International Journal of Natural Sciences: Current and Future Research Trends

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International Journal of Applied Sciences: Current and Future Research Trends

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International Journal of Computer

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7) American Scientific Research Journal for Engineering, Technology, and Sciences Multidisplinary Journal (All Topics Included)


2- Part Two: general guidance about how to publish your paper:

How to Publish Research Papers:

Universities worldwide ask post graduate students and faculty members to publish papers in international journals. Usually publishing your research paper in international journals is more recognizable and preferable by the academic community than Articles Publication in international conferences.

The following guidelines will try to guide you in finding the right place to publish your paper.  The following steps are to assist scholars of all stages in submitting and publishing their research in international peer-reviewed journals:

Guideline 1: find the suitable journal for your research topic.

You can use the following keywords examples to search at Google for potential journals for publishing your research paper:

Ex1: international peer reviewed journal + “your topic”

Ex2: call for research papers 2019 + “your topic”

Ex3: call for papers 2019 + "current month" + “your topic”

Ex4: international Journal call for papers 2019 + “your topic”

Ex5: Journal call for papers 2019 + “your topic”

Ex6: call for papers 2019 + “your topic”

Guideline 2: evaluate the journal suitability by:

  • Read about the Journal Scope: Read “Aims and Scope for the journal” and match your paper to the subjects mentioned.
  • Check the Indexing for the journal: read “Abstracting and Indexing” for the journal, the more indexing and abstracting partners the wider your paper will be available and recognized.
  • Check the needed time for Review: depending on your needs; you have to find journal that satisfy your time needs. Getting your acceptance/rejection letter within your time frame from the editor is important for most scholars. There are journals that need 2 years to send you the acceptance/rejection letter; so it is so important to search the journal site for average time needed to review your paper.
  • Journal Reputation: Journals that are included in Scopus and Thomson Reuters ISI databases have more reputation than other journals.

Guideline 3: Each journal has its own template; usually it can be downloaded from the journal's site, you have to prepare your paper according to the journal template to avoid returning the paper to you again and losing extra time.

Guideline 4: submit your paper directly to the journal editor, or you can use the online submission system that is available for most international journals.

Guideline 5: We prepare the following list that contains international peer reviewed journals for those who are interested to publish their research papers in widely indexed reputable and peer reviewed international journals; more details can be found under below table: