Mission & Vision


Excellence in quality scientific research, research publication, and leadership in joint research projects in a framework through which the ISRRA association occupies its rightful place among research bodies within the competitive challenge at the international level.


The ISRRA association is keen to be a center for generating, producing, research publishing, and promoting knowledge and scientific research at the international level.

The ISRRA association is keen to be a center for knowledge, experience and skills sharing amongst researchers worldwide to deal with revolutions of the era of knowledge based economy.


The ISRRA association seeks to organize matters related to scientific research and to encourage and support scientific research and researchers through:

  1. Supporting scientific research and scientific research publication
  2. Contribution in scientific research through the adoption of seminars, research projects or joint efforts with others and between researchers at the international level.
  3. Increase the human knowledge.
  4. Development and building capacity of international researches and researchers in research methodology and methods in different fields.
  5. Identify priorities in scientific research at international level.
  6. Focusing on the applications of advanced technology in various fields.
  7. Initiating effective collaboration between researchers.
  8. Networking between researchers at international level.
  9. Promoting and developing relations between scientific researchers at the international level.